A New Beginning for a Family and a MCM Home in Harlingen

Harlingen, TX
“The house just spoke to me, and it gave me a great feeling as soon as I walked in the door,” said new midcentury modern home owner Melody Bockelman.

After a failed attempt to remodel her new house, Melody was frustrated when she found a copy of Beyond Arts Magazine where she read about

She immediately contacted us, and invited us over to see her new home. It is one of the best kept MCM homes in the Laurel Park area, for it has original cabinets, closets and doors. Original light yellow tile in the guest bathroom, and the large windows epitome of the style.

Through RGVMOD Melody discovered her new home was designed by the architectural firm of Cocke, Bowman & York around 1952 for Paul Haskell Motheral; a recent civil engineering graduate of Texas A&M who relocated to the Rio Grande Valley to work in the construction business. Motheral later established his own construction company called Motheral Contractors Inc. The house qualifies for a historic designation since it is over 50 years old.

RGVMOD will put her in contact with local architects that will provide some guidance for her remodeling and restoration efforts. The house is about 2,200 sq. feet with all rooms facing the outdoors via large and smaller windowns. The subtropical landscape of the property plays just an important role as the rest of the house. The master bedroom is spacious with walk-in closets and an original brick wall. The house has three ample bedrooms, and one studio/bedroom plus living, dining and family rooms. The house still boasts some original lighting fixtures. Very cool.

We are thrilled to know this modern historic home is in the best of hands, and that Melody will make sure the house maintains its integrity and value. But the most important thing is that Melody is the owner of a piece of the architectural history of the Rio Grande Valley. We limited the photos for now until we can showcase the before and after ones including photos of the owner of the house.

RGVMOD seeks to preserve and restore one building at a time.

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