Tropical Modern Border

The Rio Grande Valley of Texas is a multicultural and vibrant border community with a population of 1,305,782 people. The area is predominantly Hispanic cemented by families who lived here when land was deeded by the king of Spain in the 18th century. A second strong surge of immigrants came in the early part of the 20th century when immigrants fled the horrors of the Mexican Revolution.
Our Valley is a safe place to live and thrive. According to FBI reports, the Valley is extremely safe., a home security data website recently researched and listed the top 25 safest cities in Texas and two Valley cities made the list: Mission and Pharr, Texas. To tell you the truth, our concerns seem to circulate around the next barbecue – or carne asada – fishing trips to South Padre Island or a family celebration.

We barely survive the hot and humid summer months. News of the first “cold front” brings lots of excitement, but we get tired of the cold days fast. We’ve come to enjoy the heat just as we love our Habanero pepper salsas and jalapenos. Tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, are part of our daily life and inexpensive Mexican dishes can be savored anytime. We are also on the Gulf of Mexico so plenty of shrimp and fish here. Most of us enjoy fishing while some enjoy hunting in nearby ranches.
The richest birding in Texas is found along the coast and along the Rio Grande River. The Lower Rio Grande Valley floodplain at the intersection of the river and the coast has 538 species of birds, making it the richest birding location in both Texas and the United States, and a top world location as well. The heaviest spring migration numbers on earth have been measured on the south Texas coast as reported by scientists at Texas A&M University because Texas lies under the migration routes for both land migrants and cross Gulf migrants between north and south America.
The Valley boasts of a low cost of living. It is not hard to find a good lunch for less than $7 a person. The median home cost in McAllen is $134,800 and the median income is $43,476. In Harlingen the median home cost is $87,600 and $34,868 median income according to

The Valley is a great place to buy a house and enjoy life. It is the best place to restore a mid-20th-century house for this style flourished in the Valley and RGVMod is here to help.