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Rio Grande Valley Modern

Dear Neighbor,

Congratulations! You live in one of the most beautiful, functional and architecturally significant homes in our area. It’s a great example of the Rio Grande Valley midcentury modern home and that’s our passion at RGVMOD.com.

Like you, we live in a midcentury modern home, ours is in Harlingen, Texas. We appreciate this special era in architecture so much that we have created RGVMOD.com to “celebrate” homes and other modern buildings like yours and ours. In fact we would like you to join our group of enthusiasts and consider sharing your story with RGVMOD.

We know that our whole community will benefit with more knowledge and appreciation of these homes, so we are using RGVMOD.com as a gathering place where we all can go to deepen our understanding of local midcentury modern architecture.

As you may know, talented artists and skilled craftsmen created these gems between 1945 and 1970. They worked hard to achieve a beautiful harmony between the natural and the manmade. Homes like yours are a truly unique part of our cultural legacy and we want to see them lovingly preserved. The Valley still has very skilled artists and architects that can be a great resource when remodeling your midcentury home. We are not selling any services; we simply hope to inspire and remove the fear of contacting an architect – because we believe them to be expensive – to preserve the dignity and architectural value of our homes which in turn, could increase their real estate value.

Browse Other Homes

To help with this, our website will be a great resource for residents like you. With our growing collection of showcased homes you can browse photographs of similar properties and get great ideas and inspiration that you can use to improve and beautify your own home. You’ll also love browsing other properties and sharing your comments and observations. And if you’re planning a major remodeling project, you’ll want to make sure that you’re working with an architect who loves midcentury modern homes as much as you do and knows how to preserve their uniqueness and increase their value. Sadly, we’ve seen many property owners try to “go it alone” at the high cost of sacrificing their home’s style and heritage.

Get Started Today

The first step is to visit RGVMOD.com to explore this free resource. As we grow, we want you to be part of this enthusiastic group and enjoy all of the benefits of networking. You’ll be able to post photos, make comments, ask questions and find out so much more about your home. You’ll be glad to know that we’re bringing local talented architects onboard and they are planning to share some excellent portfolios of their own work with midcentury modern homes like yours. We invite you to come over to visit with us at RGVMOD.com so we can both share what we love about our homes. Make sure you send us your information and any questions you may have through our “contact” page.