Finding Inspiration in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, CA
If there is one thing I remember about Disney World is the impeccable landscapes. There was a show on one of the cable networks that reported on this characteristic featuring the staff and maintenance standards they follow to keep this place magical.

Palm Springs, California became my adult version of Disney World. I had heard and seen their modern architecture online, but nothing prepared me for what I found; it was midcentury modern heaven. Like a child visiting Disney World, I set out – camera in hand – to discover their neighborhoods and I could not believe my eyes! I never imagined a city having too much modernism, but Palm Springs does and in a most outstanding way. And just like Disney World, their desert landscapes are impeccable and simply gorgeous. There is no question there is pride in these homes, for it almost feels like there is an ongoing competition for the best preserved home. It even goes beyond preservation because new homes are heavily influenced by the modern movement that has made Palm Springs a desirable destination.

It intrigues me how much most of their modern homes look like ours, and it saddens me to realize we may not share the same passion for the style. Their hotels built in the 50s and 60s thrive, and are sought after by visitors who pay good money for the modern experience. During a recent interview with Stephen Reynolds, owner of the Echo Hotel in Edinburg, he said most people recommend for him to demolish the place and build something new instead! They need to pay a visit to Palm Springs.

I am posting a few of the photos my husband Lupe took during our visit for inspiration. You will notice how some look very much like our modern homes. You will also notice how much care and thought is invested.