TSC Students Design & Build Modern Bird Blinds in Brownsville

The project is funded by the Brownsville Healthy Communities through a grant.
This is a design – build project conducted in partnership between Texas Southmost College Architecture Program and Brownsville Healthy Communities and bc Workshop. A two week design phase was completed by a group of ten (10) students from TSC Architecture Program as one of their Design Studio II service learning projects. A committee of professional designers, architects, and landscape architects reviewed and selected two of the ten different proposals presented by the students on April 20, 2016. The construction phase of the two selected prototypes begun on April 25, 2016,and is scheduled to be completed this week. The students assembled the structures at the Building Construction Lab located inside TSC’s ITEC-Center. Once all walls and major components of the structures were complete they were transferred to site to be anchored to the foundation.

The two Bird Blinds are positioned along the City of Brownsville Historical Cemetery Resaca. Due to current renovation along the Historical Cemetery Resaca banks, opportunities to develop public amenities and recreation structures have been considered. Since the Cemetery Resaca is home for many wild bird species, one of the proposed facilities is a the bird blind structure. The bird blinds enables close up exploration of the various type of birds and wildlife and creates comfortable stations for bird watchers to enjoy and view birds and wildlife at site with minimum disturbance to the species at the site.